The Almighty Cell Phone

When I think of the days of no internet and no cell phone, I remember (vaguely) how life was different.  You called people on their landlines (what?!), made emergency calls from a payphone when stranded and actually used the library as a resource for writing a paper.  While libraries are indeed still in existence, pay phones have certainly become a rarity. (Just had a friend take a picture of me standing by one out in Vegas. She snapped the photo with – you guessed it – my cell phone. See the irony?)

As much as I love the convenience of cell phones – Just how responsible are we when we use them?  Do you turn off your phone or silence it when you’re in a restaurant? Do you text while with others at the table? (I’ve been guilty of this).  Do you text while driving? Do you make and receive calls on the road without the hands-free ear buds? (If you have a vehicle with blue tooth technology, you’re off the hook.)

I don’t know the meaning of “boredom” since the invention of Internet. How can one be bored when you have all of these wonderful things floating around in cyberspace – just aching to be read? And if it’s not enough that it’s accessible on this computer, but on the phones as well? That’s just crazy talk. To think that so much technology can be right inside this little handheld piece of plastic (or metal, pick your poison) is beyond amazing.

The 30-somethings like myself can remember life before the convenience of these mini-computers. It’s vague and fading every day, but we can recall it. If someone wanted to reach you, they left you a message on your answering machine. MACHINE! Ha! Remember that? And sometimes, having been eaten by the cranky machine, the small cassette tape would have to be removed and wound back up.

Nowadays, you can be found quite easily and people actually get anxious if they cannot reach you. It is a world full of cell phones and urgency, yes? There are still some places that phones really should be put away or silenced and I’m sure you’ll agree:

– Library or book store: (Surprisingly enough, no one cares to hear you exclaim to your best friend how sloshed you were the night before.  We can listen to Katy Perry belt out “Last Friday Night” when we get out to our car in the parking lot).

– Restaurant: (Unless it’s an emergency, in which case – can you not just put that phone on vibrate? Or if texting, can you not have the phone on song version? The last thing I want is to hear the “Call me Maybe” main verse over & over every time it’s an incoming text.)

– Movie Theater: (Really? Really??)

– Cashier, anywhere: (It’s just rude, so I’d say if you’re in the middle of a call – just ask the someone on the other hand to hold for just 30 seconds while you check out.  The cashier will appreciate the gesture, trust me.)

I’m sure there’s more than can be added to this – but that’s the top of the list that come to mind.  We all love our phones, some more than others, but there really should be an etiquette rule book with these doo dads, eh?


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In the Land of Massage & Vegas

Dice, Slot Machines, playing cards, scantily-clad servers and neon lights. That’s what some people think of when you mention “Vegas”.  Being wired a little differently – I think of the architecture of the buildings inside and out, picturing the birds eye view of the lights from a hotel room. Sure, I’ll play some penny slots like the next tourist – but I’m more interested in the Aesthetics of it all. The theatrics of the shows, beauty of the city day or night and of course – Palm trees. (For those who don’t know, I’m wild about the palm trees.)

Sin City is known for it’s excitement, but what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, thankfully.  I did learn some cool stuff regarding Massage as well – and that I brought home with me.

This trip, while at a Massage conference class out at the Tuscany Suites, I heard the reminder on keeping thy wrist and hand straight.  I didn’t fully realize the importance of this until I went back to work and realized the error of my ways; torquing.  Ding Ding Ding! So there is a solution to the pain going on in these wrists lately? And it’s just a matter of correcting lazy body mechanics? Well, ya don’t say. 😉

Since the trip out West, my technique has changed and hopefully that means extended life in the field of Massage. That’s a good thing, considering I couldn’t be away from work a whole week without wanting to do at least one trade with my roomie, a massage for a friend who only has stress in her feet and some hand & forearm work on a colleague.

I may not be the best in the field, but my fire is lit.  Five years into this, I’m still learning and growing – like a recipe that tastes great but still could use more seasoning, more flavor. While Massage doesn’t define my whole being, It certainly has given me perspective on different walks of life that end up on my table. Some of the stories you hear in that room make you wonder if you weren’t a bartender in a previous life, as people are pretty open with their personal day-to-day happenings. Makes the job an interesting one, for sure. 😉









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Giving Thanks

‘Tis the season of all the feel goods in the world, so I wanted to jot it down on paper (does this count?)

So – in no particular order, I’m Thankful for:

1.)  A man that I’ve loved for 17 years and can still give me butterflies with a kiss. His intelligence is sexy and I still can’t get over how compatible we still are, this many years into a relationship. I’m so grateful that we didn’t cash in the chips when times were hard, because we have really turned us into something valuable.

2.) Real Hugs. Big, wrap-your-arms-around-someone Hugs. There are so many healing benefits from touch, it’s amazing.

3.) Facebook. There are times I feel like tossing it and returning to simple phone, hand-written notes and face-to-face contact. Then I realize there are not enough minutes in a day to establish that with as many folks as I do now with the online community of friends, family, colleagues. In short, Facebook is a convenience that I can live without but choose to keep.

4.) Massage Therapy as a career. I could go on and on in a whole separate blog on this (and have) but suffice to say, there has never been a career in my life that has been this rewarding and gives back to me as much as I put in. I’m in love with everything about it and hope my body can withstand another 30 years easily.

5.) Chocolate.  I’ve never tasted something that can be so versatile and spine-tingling delicious. It really should have it’s own food group, that’s a given.

6.) Christmas Lights. It’s one of the simple pleasures and I feel like a 12 year old all over again during the Holiday season, gawking at the beauty of lit houses all in a row. I’m especially fond of the dancing lights – the ones where you can tune in to a radio station and the lights coordinate with the music. You can actually find some near you through this site:

7.) The Fall season. The leaves are changing into gorgeous reds, yellows and orange hues and it’s absolutely grounding. Every year I look forward to late September when it starts to show and I’m still taken by surprise at just how intriguing nature can be. It’s this reason that makes me believe I’ll always live in a state that has 4 seasons.

8.) Partylite Candles. Yes, I said candles. Whether it’s watching a horror movie in the dark, a candle-lit dinner or ambience for a quiet night in. They burn clear, clean and I’ve turned into a candle snob over the years who will only buy THAT brand of candles. If you ever need a wax dealer, I’ve been ordering for years from:

9.) Friends that accept & love my quirks.

10.) Books of all kind – paperback, hardcover, ebooks, blogs, etc.  I love to read, especially in the winter near the fireplace. Sounds cliche’ but it works for me. 😉

11.) Music… It serves a purpose and keeps my fire lit.

12.) Internet – where I met awesome people years back and continue to connect and grow friendships. The same internet that allows me to keep in contact with family I don’t often see. Oh, Internet how I love thee… and all your plethora of useful information, the infinity of Encyclopedia.

So much more than this to be Thankful for, but I figured this was a great start. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 😉


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The Fickle Feline

Lounging around by day, licking themselves by night.
It’s amazing cats aren’t exhausted with such a busy schedule.
After all, it takes bounds of energy to walk to the litter box after rolling around in catnip, swatting at imaginary bugs.

Some will go to great lengths to jump from counter top to refrigerator in what I assume to be an act of power, to be taller than human. (Or to hide from human?)

When spoken to, they’ll stare at you intently – trying to make sense of the babble coming out of your mouth. Sizing you up, they do that sort of Eyes-half-open, Eyes-half-closed look. (You know the one) Humoring you, the Feline lets out a meow or two and closes the eyes for a bit.

When I think of the behavior of cats (mine in particular) – the random lifting of the leg to clean the bits, the yacking up hair balls, the aggression of tossing her food or water bowl onto the floor, her catnip craving, ignoring you when you say her name or hiding out, the need to be up high towards the sky and the occasional gesture of affection when my hands are busy on a keyboard – I imagine her as a human for a moment…

In human form: She is my introverted slacker friend that sleeps all day, eats my food, has a bit of a drug problem, has superman powers, fairly unladylike, has the Trichotillomania Disease (eating hair), socially awkward when meeting new people, needs to take anger management classes and a bit of a hermit since she never really leaves the house.

Guess I’m drawn to the weirdo’s of society, what can I say? 😉


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Once Bitten, Twice Addicted.

Vampire movies have been done and re-done, to a point where there needs to be a certain spark or unique flair to outshine all the others. I’m all for the occasional B-rated Vamp film for a good laugh, that’s a given. However, it’s a triumph when you find something that has a blend of humor, horror and a genuine sexiness to it that you come to expect in films on our beloved blood suckers. 😉

The only thing better than a 90 minute+ flick… is a television series, allowing you to tune in – week after week for that fang fix.

The TV series “Buffy the Vampire Series” had some kind of chemistry I’d never seen before. Witty one-liners left and right, the cliché’ (but adored) plot of human girl falling in love with much older Vampire and the ever bad-ass character “Faith”. It seemed every week was a new adventure and the viewers were hypnotized by the magic of the show – so much so that when they tried to end the show at Season 5, the viewers threw a massive hissy fit (and rightly so), prompting an additional 2 seasons on a different Network.

Fast Forward 5 years later, when I thought no other Vampire series could captivate me in the ways of Joss Whedon.  A completely different show with Adult language, Intense Violence and Sexual scenes that would make a call girl blush – we have “True Blood”.  Four seasons in, fans are eating this up like candy and camping out for more. As if we weren’t already sold on the eroticism of vampires – Alan Ball/Charlaine Harris bring us werewolves, witches, Shape-shifters and fairies to sweeten the deal. Like a moth to a flame, I’m lured in every Sunday night – curious and wide-eyed. It gives me great satisfaction in knowing we’ll have a guaranteed Season 5 next summer, with the return of Russell Edgington.

Alan Ball, I am your loyal viewing minion and I thank you for the Kool-Aid. 😉

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The Zen-diggity

As I stated in the Intro, I’ve been reading a Zen book and thought I’d share some of the “Lightbulb moments”…

We all know it’s easy to get into the daily grind routine – go to work, come home, toss in a weekend of social activities (maybe) and let us not forget (for some of you), parenting! Who the hell has time for Zen if you have little ones at your feet doing the “Mommy. Mom. Mom. MOM” at every given moment. (<–While it’s awesomely funny to hear this from Family Guy’s Stewie, probably nerve-grating to the real-life mom’s in the world, ay?)

I’d like to think that meditation comes in different forms; not simply sitting in silence doing your best imitation of Buddha, clearing all thoughts and chaos from your nugget.  Perhaps just being mindful and using bits of pieces of your day can work like a charm just as well.

When you drive to work, grocery store, pick up the kiddo’s from school – do you mindlessly drive or do you notice every detail around you? When you take a shower, do you get in and out in 7 minutes or do you take note of how fragrant the Shampoo is or how great it feels to have the warm water run through your hair and down your back? These mundane tasks may seem just that, but as a constant reminder – tell yourself to really look, listen, pay attention – actively using “Mindfulness” (being aware) in your daily life. These can be little forms of meditation, when noticing the beauty in the “small stuff” – distracting your mind for a moment from the “Big Stuff”.

Here is a little secret Happy Pill that doesn’t come in Pharmaceutical form – Letting go of control and expectations! Yeah, I know. It sounds so simple when it’s in black and white. It isn’t, but yet it is. We tend to expect certain behavior from people and when they color outside the lines, it can send us in a tizzy. Ah! What if we didn’t care? What if – someone doesn’t return your call, is late for a meeting, cancels plans – and you just shrug it off and go about your day? WHAT?! (I know, bear with me.)

Part of the Zen process is just letting go, realizing you just really are not driving this thing – you never were. (You only thought you were). Trippy, deep, yeah? So when you are feeling an intense emotion over something happening or an issue that came up earlier in the day (it’s now on a loop, going over n’ over in that gray matter of a brain), do a little visual trick.

Imagine the issue is a solid mass. Your emotion (whether it’s sadness, anger, disappointment – whatever) is attached to this solid mass. Acknowledge it for a moment. Then, visualize that the attached emotion is floating away from the mass – becoming DETACHED from the issue. (See where I’m going here?) When you look back at the situation, it becomes more clear and your reactions won’t be based on emotions, but rather logical thoughts of resolve.

If the whole world could perfect this level of awareness, We’d revert back to the times of Free Love, Peace and harmless rock & roll. 😉


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Some of you may remember my blogs from the old days over at Myspace (RIP, old pal).

For those who didn’t know me then, or if memory is foggy – the blogs were random and sometimes taboo subjects such as religion, sex or politics.

The idea was always to arouse participation – even if your opinion doesn’t coincide with my own. It’s a huge world of differing opinions, emotions and intellect. My respect to those who are brave enough to stand by those beliefs and have an adult conversation about it without losing their minds over the subject at hand.

As of late, I’ve been reading a book called “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Zen Living”, which in part has inspired my desire to write again.  Some of my writings may not appeal to you and some may evoke a response from you. Either way, I’m honored that you’re here reading this intro – as this is an open diary of my thoughts, opinions, questions and experiences.

I’ll be in touch… ;-)


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